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Pinterest can at times put your face in front of a fire hydrant gushing with interior design styles - with too much information, not being very helpful, leaving you still stranded and unsure of what your style is. With Spacejoy’s online style quiz, you will be able to navigate your style and figure out why you like those selected pins. Spacejoy’s style quiz is quick and free. It has a fun series of images and questions for you to select from that will help us to understand what you desire in a space. This interior design style quiz will help you uncover and pinpoint your design tastes and preferences, so you can get down to the fun part of creating a room that you want and love. End of the day, figuring out which design styles you are - can be tough, but Spacejoy is here to help!

With this interior design style quiz, all you need to do is tell us what you love, like, or prefer to have in a space that you would call your love to call your own. At the end of the design style quiz, you’ll receive feedback on the trend style board, and trust us, you will be amazed! The home design style quiz won’t take any longer than a minute to complete. It is a great way to get started and for us to get to know you a little better. So have fun selecting that bedroom style you would love to catch more than forty winks in, pick a perfect bookcase to stack your favorite reads, and we also give you multiple choices to pick a greenery accent for you to love and nurture in your newly designed space!

Take our home-style design quiz today to discover your distinctive style in creating your dream home.

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